ACM Program – March 7th – Dawn Doering – “The Nightingale”

The Tuesday, March 7th program will be held at 7:00 PM at Beth El Synagogue, 5225 Barry St W, St. Louis Park 55416. All Program meetings are free and open to the public.
Dawn Doering –  “The Nightingale: a 2,500-year intersection of science, art, and cultural memory.” 
How is it that a bird that has never been in America is yet a common metaphor here, one that conjures up no image?
In 2003, I brought together my 20-years of naturalist & ecologist experience plus 5 years of Middle Eastern music study to see how birds, in science and music, are perceived at a societal scale. I looked at 8 case studies for my Master degree using the nightingale as my lens. Its cultural references will surprise, delight or perhaps disgust you.

My research conclusion and recommendation, aimed at the scientific community, of the importance of storytelling has been playing out, ever more so as technology has evolved over the last 10 years.Dawn Doering is a naturalist, musician, composer, and certified Natural Sound Recordist from Cornell’s Macaulay Library. She currently works for the Coon Creek Watershed District as the Information & Education Coordinator where she uses digital, print, and multi-media, and outreach activities to inform & educate citizens about local water resource issues.