Resolution Declaring Minneapolis a Pollinator-Friendly Community


Resolution Declaring Minneapolis a Pollinator-Friendly Community

Date approved: August 21, 2015

Resolution Number: 2015R-357 committing the City of Minneapolis to increase pollinator forage (including native plants) and decrease use of pesticides.


Applies to all City-owned and controlled property.

Increases planting of pollinator-friendly plants. The Public Works Department, the Community Planning and Economic Development Department, Minneapolis Convention Center and the Property Services Division of the City Coordinator’s Office will pursue planting more pollinator forage on City and City-controlled property (including vacant land).

No pesticides or pesticide treated plants. The only pesticides use by a City-affiliated entity is limited, topical, and reactive use of certain classes of pesticides. The Convention Center agrees to phase out. The Public Works Department will adopt clear guidelines against the use of pesticides and pesticide treated plants and consider amendments to the Vegetation Management Policy.

Education and Advocacy. The City of Minneapolis will encourage property owners to adopt pollinator-friendly practices and continue to advocate at the State and Federal level for increased authority over pollinator-friendly policies.


• Minnesota bee friendly plants

• For additional information please contact Minneapolis Environmental Services

The Minneapolis adopted Pollinator Resolution can be found at



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