Tuesday, September 5th – Sher Curry at 7:00 pm at Beth El Synagogue, 5225 Barry St W, St. Louis Park  –  “BACKYARD BIRDS, BLOOMS & BUGS”

A personal look at what works for Sher to attract birds to her yard.   Nature photographer, Sher Curry, will discuss plants that attract birds, along with how the bugs interact with the birds and the plants.   She will have photographs and info about these and tell you what works best for her. 


Sher Curry was born in Minneapolis and lived in the metro area most of her life.  She spent most of her childhood in the huge wooded lots behind her home which are now county parks.  She has always loved the great outdoors and everything nature has to offer.  Her education is in Veterinary Medicine and she worked as a Veterinary Laboratory Technician at the Emergency Animal Hospitals for many years.  After that she was in small office management, customer service and accounting positions.  She has given several presentations at metro Garden Clubs and some of the Audubon Chapters and other Birding Clubs. 

Sher is a skillful nature photographer and has been for many years.  Over the past four years her passion has been water birds of all kinds, found primarily in Minnesota.  Many hours are spent in the field searching for and photographing her subjects.  She is constantly on the search for new spots and new birds to capture. Sher also is an advocate of educating people she meets about the proper consideration and respect of wildlife and the areas they live in.  Her primary focus is to tell a story with incorporating the landscape and areas these birds are found in. 

She is also a water color artist and uses some of her photographs for inspiration in her paintings.

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