Vikings Stadium Articles and Information

Stadium Articles and Materials (as of 2/24/2017)

Prepared by the Minnesota Citizens for the Protection of Migratory Birds


Ann Laughlin, Editor, for Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis, Minnesota Citizens for the Protection of Migratory Birds, Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary

Bird Mortality at U.S. Bank Stadium During Fall Migration 2016


Jerry Bahls, Elise Morton, and James V. Gambone
White Paper on Bird Window Collisions


The Guardian

Megan Lavey-Heaton 9/2/14
“San Francisco 49ers v Minnesota Vikings: a tale of two football stadiums”

New York Times

Ken Belson 7/25/14
“Audubon Seeks a More Bird-Friendly Design for the Vikings’ New Stadium”

Star Telegram (Fort Worth)

George Fenwick (President of American Bird Conservancy) Commentary 8/4/14
“The NFL and its bird-killing stadiums”
(Same article as Trenton Times)

Times of Trenton (New Jersey)

George Fenwick (President of American Bird Conservancy) Commentary 8/9/14
“Opinion: Bird-friendly glass would safe [sic] needless avian deaths at new Minnesota Vikings stadium”

Wall Street Journal

Caroline Porter 7/27/14
“Risk of Bird Strikes Embroil New Stadium”

Washington Post

Marissa Payne 7/23/14
“The Audubon Society calls the new Minnesota Vikings stadium a ‘death trap’”
(Also in Toledo Blade 7/23/14)

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Lisa Venable and Jerry Bahls 10/20/14
“Editorial counterpoint: What shall our ‘perspective’ on birds, Vikings stadium aesthetics be?”

Margot Galt 10/20/14
“Editorial counterpoint: Why give a hoot about that Vikings stadium glass? Here’s why”

Editorial Board 10/17/14
“Keep bird deaths in perspective”

Rochelle Olson 10/10/14
“Vikings pay another $500,000 for stadium enhancements, not bird-safe glass”

Video MSFA Hearing 10/10/14
“Protesters demand bird-safe glass for new Vikings stadium”

Jon Tevlin 10/6/14
“Death count of birds could rise exponentially with new stadium”

Jim Williams 10/1/14
“NYC architect comments on stadiums, glass, and birds”

Arne Carlson and Paul Ostrow 9/5/14
“Vikings stadium funding plan should be formally reviewed”

Rochelle Olson 8/26/14
“Audubon Society takes bird-glass campaign to Gov. Dayton”

Jim Williams 7/31/14
“New Vikings Stadium – bird-killing zone”

Eric Roper 7/30/14
“Council may side with birds in stadium debate”

Janet Moore and Richard Meryhew 7/26/13
“Committee makes design recommendations for Vikings stadium”

Rolf Thompson 7/24/14
“Vikings, reconsider bird-safe glass”

St. Paul Pioneer Press

John Shipley 11/2/14
“Vikings draw bird-glass safety advocates’ protest, too”

Frederick Melo 10/22/14
“St. Paul council wants Vikings to change stadium glass to protect birds”

Frederick Melo 10/16/14
“Vikings stadium: St. Paul proposes resolution seeking bird-safe glass”

Doug Belden 10/11/14 (link to video about Audubon delivering 75,000 signatures to Gov. Dayton)
“Vikings Put in $518,000 More for Stadium”

No byline. 8/1/14 with video link from featuring Joanna Eckles.
“Vikings: Minneapolis City Council urges stadium be made ‘bird-safe’”

Elizabeth Hernandez. 7/23/14 with video link from featuring Joanna Eckles.
“Vikings Stadium Glass a Threat to Birds”

City Pages

Aaron Rupar 8/26/14
“Audubon Society to deliver 77k signatures to guv calling for fritted glass on Vikings stadium”

Aaron Rupar 8/25/14
“Comment of the Day: Being honest about bird-unsafe glass at Vikings stadium”

Aaron Rupar 8/22/14
“New Vikings stadium now officially costs more than $1 billion”

Aaron Rupar 8/5/14
“Despite Mpls pressure, Vikings, MSFA still pleading poverty on bird-safe glass”

Aaron Rupar, 7/24/14
“Audubon Society says glassy new Vikings stadium will needlessly kill birds”

Finance and Commerce

Brian Johnson 10/10/14
“Stadium update: Bird advocates push glass issue”

Brian Johnson 12/11/12
“DNR hopes new Vikings stadium is for the birds”

Minnesota Daily

Parker Lemke 10/9/14
“U chirps in on bird-safe glass debate”
Outdoor News

Sharon Stiteler Blog 10/8/14
Another look at Audubon’s State of the Birds report”

Rob Drieslein Blog 7/24/14
“The Minnesota Vikings and the Mississippi River flyway’s new Bird-o-Matic”

Owatonna (MN) People’s Press

Kim Hyatt 9/29/14
“Viracon glass at Vikings stadium concern for bird conservationist”

Southside Pride

Wendy Haan 10/20/14
“Vikings stadium will kill birds”

Southwest Journal

Sarah McKenzie 8/1/14
“Council passes resolution calling for bird-safe stadium”


Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

Nick Halter & Clare Kennedy 10/10/14
“Vikings will put yet more money into the stadium budget”

Jim Hammerand 8/1/14
“Council votes for bird-safe glass at new Vikings stadium”

Mark Reilly. 7/24/14
“Audubon Society calls Vikings stadium ‘death trap’ for birds”

Reader poll at bottom: “Should the Vikings stadium be modified to protect birds?” 57% yes, 43% no.

Mother Jones

Sam Brodey 8/2/14
“The Minnesota Vikings’ New Stadium Will Be a ‘Death Trap’ for Birds”

Sports Illustrated

“Audubon wants Vikings stadium safer for birds”


Gwen Pearson 9/4/14
“Have the Vikings built a Thunderdome for Migratory Birds?”


Minnesota Public Radio MPR

Vikings kick in another $500K for new stadium

Tom Crann 7/29/14
“How to make the Vikings stadium more bird-friendly”

Northern Sun News 10/23/14
Interview with Jim Gambone, acting director MN Legal Defense Fund for Migratory Birds



Almanac: Cathy Wurzer and Eric Eskola 8/29/2014
Interview with Michelle Kelm-Helgen


John Lauritsen 10/10/14
Video that includes clip from Jim Gambone’s video
“Citizens Continue to Call for Bird Safe Glass on New Vikings Stadium”

No byline 9/27/14
Group Leads Demonstration in Support of Bird-Safe Glass at New Vikings Stadium

Pat Kessler 8/26/14
“Petition for Bird-Safe Glass on Vikings Stadium Signed By 76,000”

Pat Kessler 8/26/14
“Petition for Bird-Safe Vikings Stadium Glass Delivered to Gov. Dayton”

Video 8/26/14
“75,000 Sign Petition for Bird-Safe Glass on New Vikings Stadium”


Todd Wilson 10/11/14
“Vikings Kicking in Another $500K for New Stadium”

No byline 9/10/14
“’No more Wiggle Room’ in Vikings Stadium Schedule”

Megan Stewart 8/26/14
“Petition for Bird-Safe Glass in New Vikings Stadium Delivered to Gov. Dayton”

Lauren Beukelman 8/1/14
“Minneapolis City Council Suggests Bird-Safe Glass for New Vikings Stadium”

Lauren Beukelman 7/23/14
“Audubon Society Calling for Bird-Safe Windows at Vikings Stadium”


Bill Keller 10/10/14
“Bird lovers ‘not going to let up’ on Vikings stadium glass”

Lindsay LaBelle 10/10/14
Video of MSFA Hearing, 10/10/14
“Bird lovers combat Vikings stadium glass”

No byline 9/10/14
“Vikings stadium updates: Roof, bird deaths and MLS team”

Bill Keller 7/23/14
“Advocates warn Vikings stadium could be ‘death trap’ for birds”

Video 7/23/14
“MSFA rejects bird-safe stadium glass”


Allen Costantini 10/10/14
“Bird Group Protests Vikings Stadium Meeting”

Staff 9/27/14
“Hundreds gather to protest Vikings stadium glass”

John Croman, 8/26/14
“Audubon MN presses Dayton for bird safe stadium glass”

Dana Thiede 8/26/14
“Dayton gets petition for bird-safe stadium glass”

Staff 7/23/14
“Activists call new Viking stadium a ‘bird deathtrap’”


Birdchick Blog (Sharon Stiteler)

“The Vikings: An NFL Team That Prefers Aesthetics Over Wildlife”

“How Easy Is It to Fix the Vikings Stadium? Very.”

“Why the New Vikings Stadium Is a Problem”


Barry Petchesky 7/23/14
“Audubon Society Calls New Vikings Stadium ‘A Death Trap’ for Birds”

The Dodo

Marissa Payne 7/23/14
“Minnesota’s New Vikings Stadium Will Kill Thousands of Migrating Birds”

Health4Earth (Minneapolis online blog)

No byline 10/23/14
“Protecting Birds and Building a New Stadium”


Brian Bakst 9/11/14
“Vikings: ‘No more wiggle room’ in stadium schedule

Laura’s Birding Blog (Laura Erickson)

“Earth to Enterprise: Help! (In which Laura boldly goes where no man has gone before)”

“Lies, Damned Lies, and the St. Paul Pioneer Press”

“Keep the Minneapolis Star Tribune in Perspective”

“Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis on the Vikings Stadium Glass”
“Bird-Killing Glass on the Vikings Stadium? Just Say No.”

“Minnesota Vikings Stadium Controversy”

Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection
No byline 8/14
“Support the Use of Bird-Safe Glass in the New Vikings Stadium”

The Governor Arne Carlson Blog 8/5/14
“Vikings Stadium: It’s a question of priorities”

Politics in Minnesota Capitol Report)
Mike Mosedale 9/12/14
“Bird lovers to protest Vikings stadium”

Rick Kupchella’s BringMeTheNews

Aaron Ziemer 10/10/14
“Vikings Approve More Money for Stadium, None for Birds”

Melanie Sommer 9/24/14
“Vikings stadium update: Tight timeline, no bird-safe glass”

Shaymus McLaughlin 8/26/14
“Bird Advocates Still Crying Foul Over ‘Death Trap’ Vikings Stadium”

Sporting News
Associated Press 10/10/14
“Vikings enhance new stadium plan, but no bird-safe glass”

Deborah Laurel 9/16/14
“Executive Perspective: Birds, glass, and sports stadiums”

The Uptake
Bill Sorem 10/20/14
Video of Hamline protest: “Supporters of Bird-Safe Glass for Vikings Stadium Stay Visible” Minnesota Bureau
Tom Steward 8/26/14
“Bird-friendly glass won’t fly on billion dollar NFL stadium”

General Articles about Bird Collisions and Glass

Avian Conservation and Ecology

A first estimate for Canada of the number of birds killed by colliding with building windows”
C.S Machtans, C.H.R. Wedeles and E.M. Bayne.
Vol. 8, December 2013, 6.

Buildings (magazine for facility managers and building owners responsible for the operation of commercial and public buildings)
Janelle Penny 10/1/14
“Bird-Friendly Building or Avian Abattoir?”

The Condor: Ornithological Applications (abstract)
“Understanding the value of imperfect science from national estimates of bird mortality from window collisions”
C.S. Machtans and W.E. Thogmartin. Vol. 116, February 2014, p. 3. doi: 10.1650/CONDOR-13.134.1.

Journal of Field Ornithology (abstract)
Collisions between birds and windows: mortality and prevention”
Klem Jr. Vol. 61, Winter 1990, p. 120.

Science News (Science News is a bi-weekly news magazine covering the most important research in all fields of science. Published since 1922) (subscriber only)
Susan Milius, 9/21/13
“Collision Course: Scientists struggle to make windows safer for birds”

Science News (Science News is a bi-weekly news magazine covering the most important research in all fields of science. Published since 1922)
Susan Milius, 1/27/14
“Windows may kill up to 988 million birds a year in the United States”

Indexes, Bibliographies

Audubon Minnesota
“In the News”
List of articles from a variety of sources July – October 2014


Ann Laughlin
Minnesota Citizens for the Protection of Migratory Birds
Telephone: 612-729-0501

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